House Rules

To make your stay as pleasant as possible, please observe and follow the following house rules for your careless holiday.


All facilities have the possibility of using the grill. Some of them are gas BBQ BROIL KING, while in some facilities there is a masonry grill. For safety reasons, please do not use the gas grill under gazebos / gazebos or covered terraces. The gas is always closed and must be opened before use. We thank you in advance. If you run out of gas, please contact us so that we can replace the gas bottle as soon as possible.


Use of the pool is at your own risk. Filtering systems are pre-programmed and operate automatically. Responsible persons control the PH value of the water on a daily basis to ensure quality and safe use of the pool for all our guests. In case you notice that something is wrong with the pool or that there is no filtration or you notice a change in the color of the water, please contact us immediately. Please take a shower in the outdoor shower before using the pool, especially if you have used oil and sunscreen. In case of creating grease on the pool, a special pool cleaning fee of EUR 50.00 will be charged. Children under the age of 12 are only allowed to use the pool under parental supervision. Jumping into the pool and inflatable mattresses is not allowed. Namely, jumping can cause waves that allow air to enter the skimmers and stop the skimmers. Please do not leave toys and mattresses in the pool after use. To protect your pool cleaning system, check for small items, swimsuits, jewelry, etc., and keep them safe so as not to clog the cleaning system. The use of fins and other hard shoes in the pool is not allowed. The person responsible for the pool comes once a week or at your invitation if any intervention is needed. Pets are not allowed in the pool. In order for you and other guests after you to enjoy using the pool, please adhere to these rules and help us keep the pool clean.


If you stay in our villas for more than 7 days, we will change the bed linen and towels according to Borghetto standards. If you would like to change the bed linen and towels earlier, please contact your personal concierge. Replacement and delivery will be made at your request with a surcharge according to the valid Villas Borghetto price list. It is strictly forbidden to take inventory from the villa to the beach or anywhere else. Please do not use any type of towels as beach towels and do not take them outside the villa.


Use of the facility itself and the accompanying facilities of the pool and bicycles is solely at your own risk. The host is not responsible for any accident or injury.


In most villas, bicycles are already in storage and are available for you to use at your own risk. Please do not leave them in front of villas or on lawns, but in designated places for bicycles. With the bikes you will also get a padlock with a key. Please watch out for bicycles and padlocks. Loss of padlock or key will be reimbursed according to the regulations from the submitted deposit.


Please make sure that your pet does not damage the equipment in the villa. Pets are not allowed in the bathroom and bedrooms and in the pool. If your pet gets dirty or makes a mess in any part of the facility, it is your responsibility to clean up. If we have to do this, there will be an additional charge. Your pet must be supervised throughout the complex. Keep in mind that other guests may be afraid of dogs. Please keep your dog on the leash and always clean up after him in an emergency whether in a public area or on the lawn in the villa’s garden.


Smoking is not allowed in the villas! Please smoke only outside on the terraces and in the garden. You will also find ashtrays inside the building, so we kindly ask you to use them. Do not throw cigarette butts on lawns, in vases and the like.


It is not allowed to exceed the maximum number of persons for which the villa is registered. The host may request that the redundant persons leave the facility immediately or charge them extra.


Please dry wet towels and personal laundry only on the drying racks located inside each villa in the boiler rooms or in the room where the washing machine is, and not on the terrace railings and do not leave them on the greenery. Thank you for understanding.


Please observe house peace between 22:00 and 07:00 in the morning and respect other guests and house rules, especially at night.

FINMAVI d.o.o. may at any time cancel a reservation for a guest who does not comply with the rules prescribed by this Ordinance.

Thank You.