Privacy Policy


1.    INTRODUCTION          


My Vacation j.d.o.o. (MYVA) adheres to a strict Privacy Policy, to show our firm commitment to the privacy of personal data that customers provide when using our website. By using the MYVA website, you confirm that you accept this Privacy Policy.


Herein lay the practices in managing and protecting your personal data, the ways in which we limit the risk of data breach and comply with the provisions of the GDPR data protection.


MYVA is responsible for the protection of your data. For any questions regarding your personal details, you can send an email to [email protected].


MYVA holds and updates a record of its data processing activities in accordance with the GDPR.


1. Security


The MYVA website, including all of its web products, uses advanced security measures to protect the loss, misuse and alteration of the information that customers provide when registering and/or making a purchase. We use 256-bit industry standard Secure Server Software (SSL) to process purchase transactions. It encrypts all your personal information, including your credit card number, name and address, so that it cannot be read while the information travels over the Internet.


2. Data sharing and processing


When explicit consent is given by opting in, your personal information is shared between MYVA and the delivery company for the purchase of goods, and/or the service company for the provision of services. Only the essential information is shared.


If consent is given as stated above, third parties will receive your name and email address, and may contact you for the purpose of delivering the ordered goods and/or provide the requested services.


MYVA does not pass your data to third parties unless you provide us with your explicit consent. We adopt the necessary processes as required by law, including the record of data processing activities.


3. Your rights over your data


You have the following rights concerning your data:


·      The right to access all stored data

·      The right to correct the stored data

·      The right to be forgotten, subject to pending orders in your MYVA account

·      The right to restrict the processing of data

·      The right to object to the processing of data

·      The right not to be profiled

·      The right to withdraw your consent


4. Your Personal Data


The registration forms, order forms and contact forms on the             MYVA website and web products require you to leave your personal information, including payment information, necessary to complete an online purchase of goods and/or services. You can retrieve and modify the data stored on your account at any time.


The personal data MYVA collects to process a purchase includes:


·      Your Name

·      Your Postal Address

·      Your Email Address

·      Your Phone Number

·      Your IP Address

·      Your Date of Birth

·      Payment Information


The personal data MYVA collects to create an account includes:



·      Your Name

·      Your Email Address



·      Your Phone Number

·      Your Date of Birth


The personal data MYVA collects to sign up to marketing communications (periodical newsletter, order reminders etc.) includes:


·      Your Email Address


We use your personal information to contact you when necessary, in connection with transactions entered by you on the MYVA website or one of its web products. We will not use your personal information for communications not associated with your transactions without your explicit consent.


The financial information we collect is used to authorise payment and bill you for the ordered products and services. When you make a purchase on the MYVA website, you provide your financial and personal information to MYVA and accept that this information will be shared with those third parties necessary to process your transactions with us, such as credit card companies, banks and the companies that handle shipping and delivery on our behalf. This includes exchanging information with other companies and organisations for fraud protection and prevention.


MYVA will not share financial information with third parties without your explicit consent, except in the situation mentioned above.


When you opt in to receive marketing communications from MYVA, we may periodically contact you with upcoming news, offers and packages we believe might be of interest to you.


Consent for us to contact you via email for marketing purposes is obtained by clicking a check box during the purchase process. This consent can be withdrawn at any time. If you wish to withdraw your consent, you can do so by writing an email [email protected].


We only collect data strictly necessary to meet the purpose of processing. In the event of any change in processing, MYVA will ensure that the data collected are still relevant to the updated process.


5. Communication


MYVA shares personal data only with the recipients necessary to fulfil the stated purpose of processing. No data is transferred outside of the European Economic Area.


6. Deletion


MYVA retains personal data for 5 years from the date of collection, unless you exercise your right to be forgotten and request the deletion of your data. Data is retained for this period to ensure we can comply with any legal obligations that may arise, for example where we are required to share historic data.


Personal data is stored securely in a central data centre.


7. Breach Management


MYVA has safeguards in place to ensure that regulatory obligations regarding data protection are met. In the event of a personal data breach, MYVA will notify the competent supervisory authority within 72 hours. If the risk assessment is deemed to be high for the data subjects, MYVA will communicate the breach of personal data to the data subjects.


8. Other websites


The MYVA website, including all web products listed under the MYVA domain, may contain links to other websites. MYVA accepts no liability in relation to the accuracy and reliability of other websites, as they are shown for information purposes only.


9. Cookies


MYVA uses various software solutions to optimize our online services. This means that customer website usage information can be captured and analysed, allowing us to enhance the online user experience.


In order to achieve this, aggregated and anonymous statistical data is captured. This is anonymous connection and clickstream data, that relates to the browser being used, the number of visits/page impressions and the browsing behaviour of the respective visitor to a website. The shortened IP address of the visitor may also be visible to us during this process.


The data are analysed for the following purposes:


·      Counting the number of visitors on our website

·      Tracking the sections of our website that are most visited

·      Analysing user origin, in order to optimise the services provided

·      Adapting recommendations to specific groups of customers


This process involves the use of stored cookies. By adjusting your browser settings, you can block these stored cookies at any time, or you can stipulate that cookies are allowed when explicitly accepted by yourself.


You can opt out from our personalised recommendations by sending an email to [email protected]. After opting out, your specific recommendations will no longer be available.